All Buttress and Snatch swimwear and lingerie is custom made to order in our workshops in Hackney, London.

We don’t hold stock, we cut out and make your things especially for you. Everything is made with individual care and attention with you in mind every step of the way. It takes longer.

It’s miserable for anyone to sew hundreds of the same seams everyday for no thanks and bad pay so we don’t do it that way

There’s more to life than margins.

We don’t dull down our styles or cut corners to make things cheaper for mass production.  It costs a bit more to do it this way but it means we can make all sorts of different styles and sizes and pay attention to detail in the making.  It also means we don’t create any waste. We enjoy our work and you get quality craftsmanship. Everybody wins.

We buy all our materials from UK suppliers and do all we can to support UK manufacture every step of the way.



We have been making lingerie since 1999

It has been our great joy over this time to lift the bosoms and cover the behinds of thousands of great women including Madonna, Kate Moss, Beth Ditto, Neneh Cherry, Kate Upton, we’ve even made for Marilyn Monroe (in her waxwork form) 

We’ve made so much underwear over the years we have developed some good knowledge of the female form and what works, fits and shapes.

We’ve used this experience to develop our new range of swimwear designed to  lift, flatten, cover or bare but flatter every woman’s figure.


Our workshops are in an old Turkish Delight factory in Hackney, North London. The Turkish Delight business that was here before started from a boiler in the back garden and grew until they built the factory. When they moved on and up it became a typical old style small east end garment factory (or sweatshop as they were sometimes known) . We moved in when it closed like a lot of them did around 12 years ago with a group of artists and designers and have a thriving creative community here with a record label, recording studio, radio station, bookbinders, shoemakers and lots of fine artists, it’s a great place to work.

Some time ago we found a dark and dusty attic which nobody had been in for years. In a dusty corner were some cardboard boxes tied up with string, inside them the original Turkish Delight tins!! when I was a little girl my mother's sewing kit had been stored in one of these tins so I was amazed and delighted to find them here above my sewing workshop. 

We can serve knickers in a tin on special request as there are very few left..