Custom made and Cut for Conquest in all sizes


 Bespoke Bra, Lingerie and swimwear service for EVERY SIZE!

Unlike most fashion brands we don't outsource our production. Everything you see here is made individually, by hand in our exciting and vibrant Hackney workshops. This means that nothing is standardised for mass manufacture. It means nothing is wasted. It means a personal approach to making your work, women are not standardised! It means it takes time, costs more to buy and we don't earn a big margin so it's a genuine fair trade for everyone. We have over 20 years experience and can make you almost anything you want in your own size with care and humanity. We work alongside and in collaboration with professionals in sportswear, shoes, film costume, circus, props, upholstery and print. We are a community of makers with an arts and crafts ethos of upholding manual skills, interesting design, quality of workmanship and quality of life.





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