original photo by Nadia King

original photo by Nadia King


There is a lot of love involved in getting your underwear made specially for you. We communicate individually with every customer and care very much about getting it exactly right, we cost around the same as a car mechanic but what we make is much more important...

We have made specialist lingerie for both weddings and divorces, for both coming of age and old age and all the good times in between and we can help with pretty much any lingerie problem you can throw at us.

Fed up with buying clothing online that looks great in the picture but then doesn't fit?

Sad that your favourite ever fitting bra is wearing out and has been discontinued so you can't replace it?

Disappointed that the bra you have that fits beautifully is only available in Black and nude?

Concerned about a world full of overproduction, excessive waste, landfill and polluting manufacturing processes?


We have started a new service where we will copy your own bra shape and make you your own pattern from it, we can even make adjustments like dropping the cup height and strap position so you really can be guaranteed a good fit. 

We can do this and return your favourite bra to you unharmed in perfect condition. We will also recycle wires and components from your old and worn out garments. 

We will then make you a bra or bras of your choice in the colours and styles you want and they will fit like a dream! Not only that but your bras will be individually made with great care, small stitch lengths and with high quality components so your bra will last far longer than a mass produced high street garment.

We will keep your pattern on file for future purchases from us at the regular price.

just email us for details or with any queries at info@buttressandsnatch.co.uk or just choose our click to buy gold service

If you like the look of one of our styles but it doesn't appear in your size let us know and we will be able to quote you for the cost of making it for you. We can make lingerie in pretty much any size.

We can adapt patterns specially for you to allow for long backs, short backs, small backs, large hips or larger cup sizes.

It is also possible to have existing styles made up in alternative colours and prints, just let us know what you want.

We are able to make mastectomy bras and swimsuits in some of our styles

There is a lot of extra work involved in changing patterns so we charge extra for bespoke work, we will be able to tell you how much it will cost when you let us know just what you would like